Kansas House District 100 contains approximately 8,900 households, two golf courses, a handful of parks, and many of our favorite stores, restaurants and businesses.

Chad doesn’t golf, and is tired of watching our current legislature play partisan games, so as representative his primary focus will be to ensure residents’ needs are heard and met through the legislative process.

Below are a few of the issues he is most passionate about.

Forward Thinking

It’s no secret that Kansas is not seen very favorably when it comes to forward-thinking places to live, and that Kansas is among the top states people are leaving - causing labor shortages and an export of talent.
Part of the problem lies in the fact that many of our current representatives focus on the past - rather than the future of our state.
As a technologist, early adopter, and - hopefully - your next representative, I promise to work on innovative solutions that will help Kansans prepare for the challenges our families and industries face in today's rapidly evolving atmosphere.
The future is coming. Together, we can build the Kansas of tomorrow. Today.

Health Care Reform

As a self-employed individual, my family’s health care is reliant on the health insurance marketplace provided by the Affordable Care Act. While the act provides families like ours much needed access to affordable insurance plans, I find it inadequate.
Even with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and Health Savings Account (HSA), our healthcare costs are much cheaper if we pay out of pocket rather than through insurance.
This should never be the case.
I will support and work on initiatives that flatten health care costs in Kansas and weaken the insurance industry’s stranglehold on our health care systems.

Tax Reform

Taxes are an unliked, but necessary reality of any strong government system. I believe it’s best to view them as an investment in our communities and future.
As your representative, I will work to ensure our tax investments are shifted to initiatives that provide the best long-term economic impact for citizens and the stability of our state’s future.
Any tax credit or cut should focus on encouraging research, innovation and helping ordinary Kansans, not corporations.

Government Efficiency

If playing Sim City has taught me anything, it’s that it takes a lot of money to run a government. Many government services suffer from slow, costly bureaucratic processes.
As an entrepreneur and software engineer, everything I do must be done as efficiently as possible in order to work within the constraints of the resources available, and to achieve scale.
As your representative, I will review as many processes as I can and work towards transforming costly, manual public services into efficient automated services.

Privacy Rights

Since the inception of social media and free, ad-supported online services, people have been handing over control of massive amounts of their personal information in exchange for low cost services. If left unchecked, in the near future nothing will be private.
As representative, I will introduce legislation to ensure consumers are able to know what information is being collected about them, how it is being used, and to provide consumers the right to opt-out of certain uses.

Constitutional Rights

I support preserving our constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms.